Control Tower

Our Control Tower is a turnkey solution that allows us to manage the high volume of transactions while maintaining high quality of services. Our customers and partners can manage purchase orders, schedule bookings, track containers to the PO or SKU level, and count on our expert team to assist with any issues that arise.

24 x 7
Visibility, 365 days of the year

Core Operations

Managing your unexpected issues

When something comes up that disrupts your plans, or you experience space problems, rate fluctuations, port congestion, vessel delays or inaccurate data, our business operations team is on hand to assist with alternative options.

Fully integrated transport management systems

Our solutions are fully integrated with 40+ carriers, Li & Fung’s trading platform, AI partners and customs authorities to stream line your TMS processes.

Security measures to protect your data

As a data-driven company, we regularly audit and enhance our cyber security measures to better protect our data assets or any data related to our customer activity.