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Air Freight

Our integrated network that spans from Asia to major international air hubs and ground transportation offers the highest level of responsiveness and flexibility – with full visibility of your air freight every step of the way. Our team takes the stress out of managing the volatile freight environment, giving you peace of mind.

Around the clock service whenever you need it

Core Operations

Reliable air services to all locations

Our standard air freight has daily departure schedules with our global carriers including regular cargo as well as heavy lifts, oversized, dangerous goods, or high-value goods requiring special services.

Expedited air freight for urgent delivery

When you have a deadline you can’t miss, we offered expedited air freight to get your goods to their destination without delay.

Deferred air services to save you more

For non-urgent air freight, we offer deferred air services to save cost, while still ensuring reliable departures and arrivals.

On-demand air charters

For fully flexible air freight, we can arrange on-demand air charter services when commercial routes are not sufficient – giving you full control.